Fund Placement


Raising capital is not a single transaction but an ongoing effort. We are active at every stage of the process to make sure our clients are best-positioned to meet the challenges inherent in fundraising. We typically work with funds between USD 100 Million and USD 1,500 million in size, and raise capital from institutional investors in the Europe, Middle East and Asia, Afrika. Our services are customised based on the investment strategy, need, experience, target market of GPs. A typical fundraising assignment consists of following steps:

Initial Analysis and Marketing Documentation

We start with a detailed review of the fund offering and investment strategy. We act as sounding board to the GP and participate in generation of ideas and new fund concepts. This also involves assisting in preparation of marketing material for GP such as Presentation, PPM and DDQ etc.

Pre-Marketing and Strategy Development

We develop a fundraising plan keeping in mind both short term goals as well as long term strategy. With our continuous interaction with investors, we are able to make a soft pitch of the strategy and devise a tailor made strategy for each mandate. A detailed marketing plan is prepared in agreement with GP considering the market conditions and competitive landscape. We identify the investors best suited for the investment offering and approach each investor individually.

Active Marketing (Road Shows)

Based on our interaction with the investors and their response we schedule an efficient road show, targeting maximum impact in minimum time. We provide roadshow coordination, detailed investor profiles, investor follow-up, and regular reporting on fundraising. We accompany the GP team in meetings, help in investor interaction and negotiation. We also handle complex, simultaneous limited partner due diligence processes.

Follow-Ups & Closing

We keep in touch with the investors and organize meeting, call as per the need to take the process to its logical conclusion that is to successful final close. We provide various post-closing services to the GPs. A successful fundraising process does not end with the signing of the legal documentation – it is our firm opinion that the successful fundraising cycle starts here. We strongly encourage our clients to engage with the marketplace at least 9 to 12 months prior to the commencement of the formal capital raising period.

Mergers & Acquisitions


We leverage our relationships and deep know how of institutional investors in providing Investment banking services to our selected clients specifically for Co-Investments, LP liquidity solutions, staple deals and secondary transactions. We have established ourselves as an execution-driven boutique focused on price extraction and execution certainty.

We also help select companies in raising capital from market in various forms based on our understanding of the need of the investors in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Provide customized solutions including advice on strategic options and structuring alternatives, optimal sale strategy and offerings, management of complete sale process, assist with negotiation of legal documents and closing

Assist clients in recapitalizing or restructuring existing companies / funds and in sourcing buyers for legacy assets or fund interests.

Private equity syndication and assistance to the client in reaching out to institutional investors

Counterparty Identification, valuation using various methods

Rapid transaction execution with focus on softer aspects and carrying out business due diligence and assisting in legal due diligence

Provide advice on spin-outs of fund managers and/or captive Portfolios from their parent companies

Advise investors on the sale of Alternative Assets Portfolios comprising funds interests and/or direct investments in companies

Provide advice on spin-outs of fund managers and/or captive Portfolios from their parent companies

Leverage secondary transactions to accelerate a new fundraising