Why Moravia

Private Equity is a peculiar investment class. It continues to provide a larger return opportunity than traditional asset classes. It remains well placed to take advantage of market inefficiencies and of opportunities materialising ahead of public markets.

However, Private Equity is illiquid with time horizon usually of a decade. It would be useless if it did not possess, of all asset classes, both the highest performance dispersion and the highest performance persistence. This in turn makes it subject to intense scrutiny by investors and results in a long arduous fundraising process. Thus, specialization is needed for raising capital for Private Equity funds and we help the GP in the following manner:

Balanced Approach

Moravia focuses on a limited number of non-competing private equity fund raising mandate each year and looks at all the mandates from a portfolio perspective and not in a standalone manner. This enables us in providing best services to our clients and offering investors the investment opportunities which are suitable to their investment strategy.

Hands on Senior Management

Our investor interaction co-ordination is overviewed by senior members of the project management team to ensure a centralized and solutions-focused approach. We understand client service and pride ourselves on transparent and regular communications with our clients throughout the capital raising process. Our approach of taking limited mandates also ensures that those we work with receive close attention and unwavering support, and that we are not concurrently representing competing offerings.

Customised Solution

Private Equity funds have evolved from plain vanilla strategies to niche sector, investment strategies. And with that need for an evolved fundraising plan has magnified. We prepare a customised plan, keeping in mind the GP, sector, strategy, geography and approach investors accordingly. Our services range from providing incubation services to new GPs to working on an account specific list for experienced GPs. Every fundraising requires periodic recalibration and we insist on a tailored approach to every fundraising, working closely with our fund managers to agree a strategy upfront and execute with maximum efficiency.