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Established in 2000, Moravia Capital is an independent management owned advisory group focused on Alternative Assets. Moravia has offices and representations in seven countries and a strong and diversified LP base across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia -Pacific.

For us knowledge and willingness are necessary prerequisites. We are relentless in pursuit of the same. However, only knowledge and willingness are not enough. We try to apply the knowledge methodically in what we do. Our endeavour is to go the extra mile.

Why Moravia Capital?

Balanced Approach

Moravia focuses on a limited number of non-competing private equity fund raising mandate each year and looks…

Hands on Senior Management

Our investor interaction co-ordination is overviewed by senior members of the project management team to ensure…

Customised Solution

Private Equity funds have evolved from plain vanilla strategies to niche sector, investment strategies. And with that need…


Incorporating Environmental Social and Governance principals into our day to day activities as well as investment decisions is a pre-requisite. For us, The future Generation is not just a bold statement. We are fully committed.

What does ESG mean for us?

  • Environmental: Climate change, energy, and sustainability
  • Social: Human rights, diversity, consumer protection, and animal welfare
  • Governance: Management structure, employee relations, executive compensation, and employee compensation

At Moravia Capital we for example focus our activities on renewable energy projects such as solar and wind, education and health care. Such projects are perfectly suited to generate positive Social and/or Environmental impact. By applying and monitoring appropriate management structures, by training our staff, we can ensure that our clients, partners and investors have confidence that ESG is an important mission. We always grow above what is expected for our future generation — while keeping healthy and steady revenues in mind.

Ensuring Strong Corporate Governance

Ensuring Strong Corporate Governance

Moravia is dedicated to ESG investment advisory. Transparency, honesty and integrity is fundamental to Moravia Capital’s values and underlines our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. While the principles of...

Our Communities are of the utmost importance

Our Communities are of the utmost importance

We are passionate about ensuring organisation has a positive impact on the community across the entire business activities, including client projects, subsequent investments and ongoing operations. We strive to improve local...

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

We aim to become an industry leader in environmental proactive + conscious advisory and investments. We at Moravia Capital understand that prioritising sustainability and climate change awareness is a collective responsibility....

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Fund Placement

Raising capital is not a single transaction but an ongoing effort. We are active at every stage of the process to make sure our clients…

Mergers & Acquisitions

We leverage our relationships and deep know how of institutional investors in providing Investment banking services…

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